Interested in Partnership?

Soft4CreditUnion is distributed all over the world. Our business model is to find a reliable local Microsoft partner who speaks the customer’s language and knows the specifics of the local market, and to share our knowledge and skills with them.

Every market needs various investments from a Partner: marketing expenses, time, education of potential customers, training of own staff, etc. Therefore, in most cases we talk about the Exclusive Partnership when the Partner takes the whole market and is able to get the best results out of their investments.

But before we begin we would like to know more about your market, its specifics, size, competitors, average pricing – all those things that would allow us to provide your market with the right product configuration and right pricing.

If you think that there is a space for Soft4CreditUnion solution in your market, please don’t hesitate to request a free demo online. During the demo we will take you through the main functions of the Soft4CreditUnion solution and answer all your questions. If later you want to have a closer look at the demo by yourself, we will provide you with the access to the demo environment.

Interested and want to know more about the Partnership? Send us a message – we will reply within 8 working hours or faster!

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