Key Features

Soft4CreditUnion covers the core processes of a credit union such as membership, current accounts, deposits, loans, credit risk, financial reporting among others – from front office to back office operations.

We don‘t say that we have the best solution for credit unions in the world. It depends so much on the needs of a particular credit union! BUT we have a great solution Soft4CreditUnion for those looking for right balance between value and costs.

The best things we‘ve heard from our customers using Soft4CreditUnion:
– No more tons of papers!
– Member‘s information with one click – my customers are really happy for not waiting half an hour.
– Fast learning and familiar lay out. It looks like Microsoft Office…
– Real time reporting – no need to wait till the end of month to see if we did well!

Main Features of Soft4CreditUnion:

  • Union membership management, share accounts
  • Versatile products:

• Loans & mortgages
Saving accounts
• Term deposits

  • Teller workspace with full-scale cash desk functionality
  • Marketing instruments, e.g. flexible commissions
  • Credit risk management

• Collaterals
Credit risk monitoring
• Specific provisions

  • Integrated document management
  • Integrated accounting
  • Multi-currency support
  • E-banking interface
  • Reporting

• Compliant statutory reporting
Business intelligence and management reporting

  • Full back office administration: day opening/day closure procedures

Watch the demo in order to get the feeling about the Soft4CreditUnion system:

We value live communication therefore we‘ll be glad to arrange a demo online for you, just let us know!

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